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Hello everyone,

my name is Nadine, I am 39 and a single parent from Kiel/Germany.

My little 6 year old daughter Evelyn suffers from an extremely rare and severe, drug resistant epilepsy.

Since a general anesthetic at her 6 weeks of age during a surgery (hernia), she has uncontrolled grand mal seizures, lasting up to 20-30 minutes, 4-5 times a day. She also has unmotivated movements (so-called myoclonies) non stop.

This is because her brain never had the chance to develop. Evelyn could never learn to sit, walk, to hold her head or even speak.

We have been tried more than 15 drugs, but there is no therapy to treat her seizures.

We frequently spent long periods of time in hospital and still do. She easily suffers from pneumonia because of her weakened immune system. Last year she was taken seriously ill and almost died of a severe pneumonia.

Evelyn is the most precious thing i have. We are deeply connected and understand each other without speaking a word.

The time we spent together means everything to me.

But because of her serious illness, I could not care for her alone at home, so she now lives in a residential care group since a few month. I take her home at the weekend, to have a normal family life with her. 

Unfortunately my old car now is broken down.

But we´d be in a fix without a car, because I would not be able to take Evelyn home or to kindergarden, to the doctors or to therapies. Even trips to friends, to the beach or even to the supermarket would be impossible.

She needs to be transported in her wheelchair.

This is why we need a handicap-accessible van with a lifting ramp. A back seat is needed to put on her diaper and to lay her down safely while she is having the seizures.

Please help us to take part in daily life again.

We would like to give a heartfelt thank to all of you out there who wants to help me and Evelyn.

We wish you a happy and healthy new year.

Take care.



Hello everyone,

we are deeply impressed by the support within the last 48 hours!

Thank you family, friends and friends of friends! We are so grateful to everyone.
It is overwhelming to see, how much you all care about Evelyn and me.
We appreciate your support so much, especially in times like these, in which actually the whole world needs your help...
Please continue to share our link, it really does help us and we still need your continued support. Thank you!


Help for


DONE !!!

Thank you so much!!


Hello friends,

hopefully you´ve been starting well into the new year. 
Step by step we move closer to achieve our goal, thank you so much! Soon you can read more about our whole story on a website, where you can find further ways to do a donation like with paypal e.g.
Evelyn is doing quite good at the moment, I am telling her about your great willingness to help us everyday!
We wish you a bright and peaceful New year with lots of magical moments and good news!


Dear friends,
a huge thanks to everyone who have contributed to our appeal for funds so far!
We are half way to the amount of the interior construction for the handicap-accessible car! This is awesome!
I receive notifications of new donations every day, what gives me strength and power to keep focussing on our daily live challenge. Thank you so much.
Take care.


Update 4

Hi you dear ones out there,
time flies, one week - felt like two days!

First of all, I´d like to tell you, that my lovely little one and me have spent a long wonderful weekend together.
Again we´ve had great assistance from Evelyns dad Nikolai. He could stay from Friday to Tuesday to help me and to spend time with his daughter, what she enjoyed a lot!

​And there are some good news to tell!
The sum donated to the "Familienhafen" account amounts to about 615,-€!
That means 

5827,- at "" 

+615,- at "Familienhafen"

+8.000,- from "Christof-Husen-Stiftung"


14.442,-€ !!!

​It is awesome what has been possible within 3 weeks and we thank you so much for each individual support!!I eagerly expect another feedback from the public support institution. Last week they have generated an expert opinion about Evelyn and our situation to verify whether they are responsible to support us.

And last but not least, a local radio station has contacted me at facebook. I should begin a targeted call for donations with them.

No sooner said than done!

I am so exited and really looking forward of what is coming next!
I´ll keep you informed!

We wish you a sweet and hot-chocolade-flavoured week,



to be continued...

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